Silver Speakeasy Presents

Hello, My Friends!  Many of you have asked me to continue the speech enhancement programs that you have either attended or heard of.  As you may know, Gaela Iacovelli has made arrangements for us to have a wonderful location and to meet regularly to improve all of our speaking skills.

Many executives, business owners, managers, community leader, politicians, and others feel the need to improve their speaking skills.  To this end, I am developing a program to help you quickly improve your self-confidence and effectiveness as a presenter, become more persuasive, develop advanced leadership skills, increase enthusiasm, project a positive image, exhibit your personal flair and distinctive style, and grow your business and career.  Sound interesting?

Through this program, you will lean how to develop:

High-quality, well-organized content
Accurate audience analysis
Appropriate use of humor
Reduced and manageable stage fright
Energy and interest in your presentations
Improved voice and vocal range, language skills, and nonverbal communication
Audiovisual techniques to appeal to a range of audiences
I know you are interested now!

We are planning to meet the 2nd Monday evening of every month at the New Hope Church at 1125 Stanford Way, Sparks, Nevada. The session will go from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. and will be run on an informal basis.  The cost to you: a donation to Gaela’s Women’s Cabinet is all that we request.  She can use all sorts of men’s and women’s toiletries, shampoos, toilet paper, and certainly plenty of cash. In lieu of any fee to me, I am asking you to help support this wonderful cause — and learn how to present yourself better along the way.  Such a deal!

For more information, please feel free to call me, Idora Silver, at (775) 829-0606, e-mail is, fax is (775) 825-3486.  I look forward to meeting you and enjoying your camaraderie as we grow and develop all of our very important speaking skills.

Idora Silver