Products and Services

In addition to financial donations, we need the donation of products and services.  We distribute these items and services to individuals and agencies who are in need of our help.  Many of the people we help are underemployed or receive some form of public assistance.  With the number of single parent households in America, we are needed more than ever!

Products Needed 

Cosmetics     Dental     Feminine hygiene     Laundry     Hair Care     Bath/Shower Products     Clothing

Services Needed

Dental     Optical     Dermatology     Hair Styling     Manicures     Cleaning Services

If you work with a manufacturer, wholesaler, or retailer and have products or services to donate please contact us.  We definitely will accept any unused hygiene products, clothing or any other thing that would make individuals or families have a better day.  We can come to you and pick-up or you can deliver to us.