Our History and Philosophy

The Community Cabinet is a faith-based organization, which fills a unique spot in the Truckee Meadows area.  The Women’s Cabinet, is a division of the Community Cabinet.

The Women’s Cabinet/Community Cabinet was originally established in May 1998, by a retired Art Teacher John Iacovelli & his daughter Angaela Iacovelli. Non-profit status was granted in April 2002, with the final approval of 501 (C) (3) status letter dated October 26, 2006.  Hygiene products are not covered by Food Stamps or other public assistance programs, thus creating a tremendous need for the services our organization provides.  The Community Cabinet is completely run by volunteers.  Every year we collect hygiene products from donation bins, civic organizations and individuals and process them to be redistributed to many human service agencies.

The Cabinet currently serves approximately 30 agencies and 20 to 40 other individuals per month.  We have also been purchasing cut flower over stock 2 or 3 times a week and delivering them to nursing homes, hospice care, and individuals.  We then bridged under the University Family Fellowship food bank.  Our goal was to evaluate the personal hygiene needs of people and to try to help them fill those needs.  In our evaluation of those needs it became apparent that we needed to expand our resources to include some dental, optical, chiropractic, scar removal, or other plastic surgery related to self esteem.

If anyone sees his brother or sister in need, and has no empathy in him how can the love of God be in them?  We do the best to our ability to find products and services from people willing to help others in need.  When there is a match, there is a sweet reward of gratitude on both sides.  Win, win is our philosophy!  When our clients win, we win, the community wins.  We believe as we help them this will make a positive difference in our society.  We believe in the restoration of basic dignity so that everyone can hold their head high!  This agency is content knowing that we have been created to help people in the biggest little area of their lives!

In Washoe County there are currently 12,000 people receiving public assistance in the form of TANF (Temporary Aid to Needy Families) and food stamps.  People on assistance are not allowed to purchase soap, toilet paper, feminine protection, cleaning supplies, or any non-food items.  Webster’s Dictionary defines health, hygiene and esteem as: freedom from defect or disease, being physically and mentally sound, wholesome, promotion of good health and to have a high opinion or value, high regard or respect for oneself.  Welfare case workers have responded positively to the Community Cabinet projects, including the Women’s Cabinet effort.  They tell us they have longed for years for a program where their clients could obtain basic hygiene items and paper goods.  Some people are so desperate for these items that they have admitted to pilfering them from private businesses and public restrooms.